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Content last updated on 08.09.13

Securing Information Stored in Mobile Devices

Peak Positioning Technologies Inc. (TSXV: PKK), is a Canadian software developer for smartphones and other mobile computing devices, conducting business primarily in China and North America. In association with its partner, LongKey-Hong Kong Ltd, Peak has developed the AiNi™ mobile cloud platform, which is distributed on 3G smart devices by telecom service providers in China. AiNi™ comes standard with a suite of applications that allow for data synchronization and the aggregation of some of China’s most popular social media and instant messaging apps.

Peak is developing its business along two parallel growth paths:

(i) Establish distribution partnerships for AiNi™ with telecom providers outside of China

(ii) Continue to develop opportunities for AiNi™, SaaS, and E-commerce in China through its association with LongKey.



Growth Strategy

Acquisition of LongKey

Peak has entered into an agreement to acquire its Chinese partner LongKey. In addition to its distribution agreement with Chinese telecom service providers for the distribution of AiNi™, LongKey also provides a suite of cloud-based Software as a Service (SaaS) solutions aimed at Chinese SMBs.

LongKey’s SaaS products are distributed by telecom and financial institution partners, including China Telecom and the Industrial and Commercial Bank of China (ICBC), bundled with these partners’ own traditional product offerings.

LongKey’s revenues from its SaaS offerings are projected to grow at over 200% annually over the next 2 to 3 years, which makes it an attractive acquisition target for Peak.

Following the acquisition of LongKey, Peak and LongKey also have plans to leverage Peak’s expertise in mobile development to adapt LongKey’s SaaS products, which are currently access through a Web interface, for mobile 3G smart devices.

LongKey Deployment Overview

Gateway to China
Peak also plans to use its well established partnerships with some of China’s largest telecom service providers and banks to introduce new and innovative applications from various Canadian developers to the Chinese mobile marketplace, and as such develop a reputation as the gateway to China for Canadian mobile application developers.


The AiNi™ platform is pre-installed on select 3G smart devices by Chinese telecom service providers. These telecom providers then sell the smart devices along with voice/data plan bundles which include the applications and features enabled by AiNi™. The telecom service providers pay LongKey a monthly royalty fee per device sold with the AiNi™ platform.

AiNi™ Mobile Cloud Platform

Royalties from Chinese Sales

The Company generated $ 329,515 in royalties stemming from its activities in China through its agreement with LongKey for the three-month period ended March 31, 2013. This translated into net royalty revenues of $195,149 for the period.

Peak’s main focus in 2013 will be to complete the acquisition of LongKey and close the announced US$6 million financing with Essence (a Hong Kong based Investment Banker). Once these two major milestones are accomplished, Peak and LongKey will then be in a position to open sales support offices in several provinces in China to allow for the rollout of AiNi™ on China Unicom 3G devices in these provinces.

Management & Directors

Johnson Joseph, MBA, President & CEO, Member of the Board. Johnson has spearheaded the creation of Peak Positioning since 2004 and has led the team to commercialisation.

Laval Bolduc, CA, CFO, is an experienced Chief Finance Officer who was formerly VP, Financial Planning at DMR Group, an IT management and technology consulting firm.

Charles-Andre Tessier, LlL, Chairman, is a lawyer and currently executive VP Corporate and legal affairs at R3D Technology in Montreal.

Varujan Tasci, Chief Technology Officer.

Kerrigan Turner, Director.

Georges Hebert, Director.

Robert Desbiens, Director.