Rockcliff Copper (TSXV: RCU) Intercepts 16.1m grading 3.5% Copper Equivalent (just the gold ran 2.73 g|t) and Discovers 2 other Conductive Plates below Talbot Deposit’s Main Lens

Current drilling is targeting the recently discovered North Lens Deep Conductive Plate below the North Lens. The Deep Penetrating ElectroMagnetic survey has discovered a second larger and deeply buried Main Lens Conductive Plate below the main lens that has never been drilled.
The new third larger conductive plate called the West Talbot Deep Conductive Plate is a much deeper but flat-lying geophysical target measuring one kilometre by one kilometre!
For non-geologists like myself, these structures called “plates” are screaming to be drilled because they are often precursors to mineralization.
Rockcliff’s properties in the Flin Flon Snow Lake Greenstone Belt are high-grade VMS deposits that contains high-grade Gold, Copper and Zinc.
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