Naturally, CHF has been handling client news, proofreading of financial statements and annual reports for many years. Regarding management’s discussion & analysis reports, CHF can share valuable insights from both legal and regulatory standpoint. Advice on matters of disclosure and routine filings to clients can avoid costly legal fees without compromise.

Taking Executives on the Road

Small-group meetings are usually comprised of two to ten brokers at a time. Often, one-on-one meetings are also arranged with CHF clients. All of the attendees are pre-qualified by CHF account managers and specifically selected based on their predisposition to small-caps and the particular client company industry.

  • Liaising with the Exchange regarding disclosure issues;
  • Arranging for SEDAR filing;
  • When to do a Material Change Report;

Corporate Governance

  • Best practices for director committees, mandates, policies;
  • CSR reporting.

Advice and tools are available from CHF for Boards, Directors and Officers to utilize when structuring policies and procedures for good governance.

  • Filing deadlines
  • Liaison to the Exchange
  • MD&A
  • Best practices
  • CSR