Peak Positioning Technologies Inc. is a Montreal-based IT portfolio and asset management company. Through its operating Chinese subsidiaries, Peak positions itself as a bridge that allows North American investors to participate in some of China’s most promising tech sector opportunities.

New Strategic Partner
• Zhonghai Wanyue Group (“ZHWY”) recently invested $4M in exchange for a 51% ownership in Peak. ZHWY is transferring operations from their subsidiaries that have the potential to generate a minimum of $100M in revenue in 2016 to Asia Synergy Technologies (“AST”), a wholly-owned Peak subsidiary, with plans to transfer more operations to AST in 2017 and beyond

About ZHWY
• Shanghai-based conglomerate, owned by Mr. Wang, comprised of 29 different companies estimated to be worth a combined $10B as of December 2015
• Operating subsidiaries in financial services, manufacturing, clean tech, logistics and distribution among others
• Generated annual revenues of approximately $3.8B in 2014 and $4.3B in 2015

About AST
• AST develops and operates FinTech platforms aimed at digitizing supply chain management for traditional Chinese industrial business sectors
• FinTech platforms allow for provision of value-added financial services, including loans and PO financings
• FinTech platform revenues expected to eventually
surpass other AST operational revenues


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Capital Structure

  • Exchange : CSE
  • Symbol : PKK

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Peak Positioning Technologies Inc.


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