When approached earnestly and orderly, audience-building outreach is a long term continuous project

For each of CHF’s clients, the primary goal is to establish a retail foundation of awareness and market support to follow the Company as it progresses its strategy for growth. It is retail broker interest that results in share appreciation, not institutional interest.

Taking Executives on the Road

Small-group meetings are usually comprised of two to ten brokers at a time. Often, one-on-one meetings are also arranged with CHF clients. All of the attendees are pre-qualified by CHF account managers and specifically selected based on their predisposition to small-caps and the particular client company industry.

With analysts, the meetings are generally held on a one-on-one basis with a senior executive or two representing the client. Meeting times are scheduled during one, two and sometimes three days of "walkaround" visits when the senior Management from the company is available for visits with the financial community.

The work does not stop when the meeting convenes. CHF undertakes to thank all attendees and poll their feedback on the presentation, executives, and likelihood for investment after every road show.

Since CHF is continuously keeping track of the comings and goings in the financial community, lists are kept up-to-date.

IR Call Campaigns

An advantage of having CHF working with you is that we have staff that can be rallied around any particular client when the urgency arises. For example, in the event major client news, CHF will undertake an outgoing telephone call campaign, spread across several staffers, to augment getting the word out to several hundred brokers/analysts immediately after the news is released.

Analyst Outreach

Many public companies are interested in initiating and expanding coverage by analysts through research reports. CHF employs a step-by-step strategy to encourage new research coverage for our clients. During road shows, appointments are made to ensure each analyst gets a meeting in person, and periodic updates keep them in the loop. Analysts’ information banks and familiarity will build over time, laying the foundation for a research report to come once the Company meets their threshold criteria.

It is all analysts job to keep abreast of all the companies in their assigned sector and it is CHF’s job to get clients in front of each of them.

Valuation Reports

As a result of the challenging emerging market sector analyst coverage has become more difficult to get. CHF has come up with a solution to this hurdle. Through CHF Capital Markets, CHF has an analyst who can provide an independent objective valuation report in a matter of weeks and for a fraction of the price charged by competing paid research firms.

Site Visits

CHF is no stranger to conducting site visits to our clients’ centres of operation (often needed for a research report) and can make sure the trip stays on budget and on task.

  • Aim for pro-active outreach, engaging in real conversations; reduce resources spent on passive outreach through online presence and corporate advertising
  • Expand IR audience of brokers, investors, share-holders, sector experts, analysts, etc
  • Regular face-to-face meetings on CHF Walkarounds add credibility and comfort
  • Tracking contacts cumulatively, list management