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#3, 4015 - 1st Street SE
Calgary, Alberta, Canada, T2G 4X7
Tel: 403.262.6000 Fax: 403.263.6001
Web: www.ebyinc.com

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Share Structure as of: October 1, 2012
Issued & Outstanding: 103 million
Fully Diluted Shares: 139.76 million

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Shelby Beattie
President & Director
Emerald Bay Energy Inc.

Robin Cook
Senior Account Manager
CHF Investor Relations
416.868.1079 x 228

Content last updated on 11.06.12

Emerald Bay Energy Inc. (TSXV: EBY) is an emerging micro-cap oil and gas producer, based in Calgary, with production properties in South Texas and Central Alberta.

Led by a very capable and experienced management team, the Company is redirecting its focus on Texas, as it divests Canadian gas assets. Emerald Bay is assembling a solid land position across multiple prospects in SW Texas, about an hour drive from San Antonio.

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Recent Highlights
  • Negotiated a participation agreement with Eagle Energy Acquisitions, a subsidiary of Eagle Energy Trust, for Texas development.
  • As the relationship evolves, Emerald Bay has the opportunity to provide a vital exploration function for Eagle in de-risking exploration prospects.
  • Increased South Texas land position in Medina and Guadalupe Counties, Texas.
  • Sold non-strategic Alberta natural gas assets to reduce our debt by over $2.7 million.
Texas Focus Area 

Emerald Bay Texas Focus Area Shaded in Yellow


Texas Highlights

  • Emerald Bay's Management team has drilled over 200 oil wells within the focus area since 1981.
  • Multi-pay potential on all lands.
  • Good mix of low-risk and high-impact prospects.
  • Horizontal drilling and advances in completion technologies have unlocked vast oil reserves in the region.

Texas Properties


  • Emerald Bay’s geologist has spent the last 20+ years mapping the fault structures in the region.
  • Fault throws trap the oil and provide commercial opportunities with the use of horizontal drilling practices and properly designed facilities to handle fluid volumes.
  • Caldwell and Guadalupe Counties have been the source of multiple Edwards Limestone developments.
  • Wooden Horse is the fault structure currently being explored by Emerald Bay
  • Drilled, cased, and cemented the first test well on the Wooden Horse prospect in Guadalupe County. The open-hole logs, core analysis, and swab testing results supports our original optimism about this prospect.
  • We are currently awaiting a permit to drill a salt water disposal well before initiating production operations.
  • With current land position, we have good control of the Wooden Horse play for future development.
  • Other faults in the area are currently being evaluated and lands are being negotiated.


  • Q2 and Q3 2012 “in-fill” drilling program underway in the Taylor-Ina field.
  • 12 wells planned. At this writing, 3 of the 12 wells have been drilled, logged, cased, and cemented.
  • Completion operations are scheduled to begin the week of May 28th.
  • Drilling focus to be the recently discovered Escondido zone, as well as the legacy Olmos zone.
  • Taylor-Ina lands potentially have 100+ drilling locations for future development.

Emerald Bay's focus in Texas also included Caldwell and Atascosa Counties.

Exploration Program -- Central Alberta

Alliance, Alberta

  • Recently drilled vertical Viking oil well.
  • Vertical frac planned for April 2011

Joffre, Alberta

  • Five in-fill Horseshoe Canyon drilling locations
  • 3 wells ready for 2011 drilling program

Lacombe, Alberta

  • 12 section core area
  • 3 wells currently drilled, cased, and cemented
  • 30+ possible locations ready for 2011 drilling program
  • Projection of 2+ Bcf per section and 800 meter TD
  • 200+ boe/d potential upside to Emerald Bay
  • Metering station installed with 5 Mmcf per day current capacity
Management & Directors

Shelby Beattie, President & CEO, Director
Mr. Beattie has 26 years of industry experience at both general management and senior executive levels. Mr. Beattie’s broad spectrum of experience covers all phases of exploration and production; including mineral rights acquisition, drilling operations, project management, and production operations.

Gibson C. Scott, Chief Operating Officer, Director
Mr. Scott has an impressive 29-year history as a senior management professional with Sperry-Sun Drilling Services. He was Country Manager (Canada) with Sperry from 2000 to 2003. Mr. Scott is highly experienced in foreign business relations and negotiations, strategic business planning, mergers and acquisitions.

Kendall P. Dilling, MBA, Director
Kendall has 17 years of progressive technical and management experience in the oil and gas industry. Kendall is currently at Ivanhoe Energy where he serves as Director, Regulatory and HSE.

Conrad K. Wagenaar, MBA, Director
Conrad is currently Vice President of Acquisitions and Investments for The Hillcrest Group of Companies (HGC). HGC has been a strategic partner with Emerald Bay in South Texas and Alberta over the past two years, and Mr. Wagenaar has been a key player in that relationship.

Michael Rice, VP Operations
Mr. Rice has specialized in compliance and operations management for over 10 years. Mr. Rice graduated from the University of Utah with a B.Sc. in Economics and Consumer Studies, and has managed the Company’s day-to-day operations for more than five years.