News Releases

CHF writes the first drafts of news releases, edits, proofreads, finalizes copy and manages dissemination with the wire services and SEDAR for regulatory filings.

Investor Packages

CHF prepares investor packages so that all the main components - In Brief corporate summary or fact sheet, recent news releases, annual reports, quarterly financials, articles, presentations, etc - are included and up-to-date.


CHF’s attention to detail ensures that a client’s PowerPoint presentation is tailored appropriately to the audience (streamlined for brokers, more detail for analysts for example). Speaking tips and coaching for presenters to be more comfortable and effective is provided candidly, from an experienced perspective.

Shareholders' Meetings and Event Planning

CHF can help write the speech and presentation for the AGM/meeting, and make all the arrangements at the venue including set up, AV rentals, signage, refreshments and invitations to the investment community., eNewsletter, CHF Spotlight, Social Networking

CHF has invested significant time and resources to have the best client-focused IR website in Canada to display the diversity of our clients.

To further attract attention to our website, and to our clients, we write a newsletter that is sent to about 10,000 brokers in Canada monthly that highlights CHF clients at no extra charge to those clients featured.

  • Fact sheet, presentation, branded folders, print-outs
  • News releases
  • Editorials
  • Corporate advertisements
  • Corporate website
  • Online presence, social networking, Web 2.0
  • Communications to Shareholders, webcasts & conference calls