Emerald Bay Energy (TSX.V: EBY): Poised to Build Again, This Time in Oil-Rich South-Central Texas

CHF enjoys helping past-clients periodically especially if they have moved their business forward. Emerald Bay Energy (EBY.V) is one such company. The Company has recently increased their percentage ownership in several of their South Texas projects and acquired Cardium oil and gas assets near Edson Alberta. The Company is now moving forward with plans to drill and recomplete wells in the Edwards (limestone) formation as early as July and August. In addition to these recent oil and gas developments, EBY also owns a small interest in a Power Generation Project in Central Alberta, valued at approximately $600k. Insiders have a large vested interest in EBY (just under 50%) so they are all working very hard to ensure its success. The Company’s stance is that purchasing oil assets when the industry is struggling, is a strategy that should benefit shareholders in the medium to long term. For their latest press release click here. For their Corporate Presentation click here.