The Company Profile is more than just the logo, colours and website layout. It should impart what the company stands for and sit tall amongst the company’s peers.

Everyone wants to be known for responsible management of corporate and operational activities. The first line of responsible management to outsiders, which is where investors come, is Investor Relations. Case in point - if an investor’s emailed question is left unanswered, will that person think it is well managed?

CHF's account managers are in constant communication, by telephone or in person, with the brokerage community discussing the issues most relative to them and their investing clients. In this way, CHF is able to offer clients critical feedback that relays the perception from the "Street" on the company such as the Management team's strengths and weaknesses, presentation style, in addition to the expectations they have for the company's performance and growth, and so on. Of course, feedback like this is a two-way street. Overly positive expectations when not delivered upon can be just as disruptive as negative events. CHF’s constant communication with the brokers serves to impart the facts and moderate expectations realistically and clarify any misunderstandings for them.

Market Intelligence

Thanks to CHF’s many years at the top of the Canadian IR sector, we know which groups have the tools to deliver a closing, including effective brokers with large books who place orders, those knowledgeable about the business in question who can impart the risk/reward balance to their investing clients, and those who have the facility to raise funds for emerging companies on up to medium-cap enterprises.

At the onset of a financing, for example, CHF assembles a list of the most appropriate investment bankers and corporate financiers across Canada and approaches each with the opportunity; meetings are conducted for the client with those who express interest in learning more. Clients get CHF’s best strategic advice to achieve their financing goal without bias or wishful thinking.

CHF deals with the day-to-day communications with brokers and shareholders so that Management can run their business.

Strategic Advice

By virtue of CHF’s extensive investment industry history, we are able to make valuable contributions to our clients’ strategic initiatives through advice and contacts in such areas as:

  • Acquisitions of properties or synergistic companies;
  • Candidates for directorships and advisory boards;
  • Candidates for management positions;
  • Realigning corporate direction (e.g.resource company changing commodity focus);
  • Re-branding;
  • Moving to a senior exchange; and
  • Information and training sessions for staff and/or directors on IR/market-related issues like insider trading and tipping, crisis management, corporate governance.
No matter what size, the public company must exude a competent, coherent, up-to-date, well-managed message and profile. Aim for seamless integration of brand with company’s mission, website, news releases, reports, offerings, etc.

We believe that having the IR firm involved in such strategic planning and execution breeds a strong partnership between CHF and our clients that is unmatched. This benefits the broker audience through the trust it adds and the client benefits by being able to access vital advice and support while addressing critical issues cost-effectively.