Who We Are

CHF Investor Relations | Capital Markets is a full-service, outsourced investor relations consultant company serving emerging to mid-cap public companies trading on North American exchanges, and corporate consultant to groups seeking to go public or dual-list in North America. Our primary role is to introduce our client companies to key financial groups within the Canadian investment community who can make a significant, positive impact on the issuer’s value. Brokers, high net worth Investors, financial analysts, investment bankers and merchant bankers – they are all part of our target group for active outreach. CHF was also the first IR firm to implement market-making services for clients, starting in 2002, designed to attend to critical issues affected by illiquidity.

A Short History of Investor Relations

CHF’s origins go back to 1958 and its guiding principles were to give the straight goods about the clients’ businesses and outlook, and telling the companies’ stories to new people to build an ever expanding audience of interested investors, brokers, analysts and shareholders. These principles still underlie the firm’s mission today. CEO Cathy Hume joined the predecessor agency early in 1993 which marked the dawn of a new era for the firm. In those days, Investor Relations was not well understood outside of the equity markets but served a very important need that public companies’ had to attend to – communicating to shareholders and prospective investors. In the ‘90s investor relations relied on the fax machine and Canada Post! To get news releases out, invite stockbrokers to presentations, report to the securities commissions the fax machines buzzed tirelessly; and the bike couriers rushed back and forth delivering folders of company information to the investment community. Brokerages received corporate news releases via stock feeds directly to their branch offices; and news services sent broadcasted faxes out to company’s fax lists of individuals following the stock. That was before the Internet changed our lives.

The technology makeover

The ever evolving internet made a huge impact on our channels of communication. Our team is making a constant effort to successfully integrate the evolving communication techniques to tell the clients story. But, surprisingly the messages have not changed much. The same reasons a company was an exciting investment in those days are the same factors that would attract investors today!

What we do

CHF’s work is the relationship-building and cultivating communication channels between the clients and the investors. We bring our clients closer to prospective investors for the emerging-to-mid-cap clientele through a growing network of professional investment advisors in North America. The information age sped up our ways to reach individuals, households, consumers and families, making investment decisions to secure their future and hence providing our clientele with a much larger audience. CHF Investor Relations is here to parlay the most up-to-date information they seek, delivered reliably and consistently, with clarity, while always maintaining integrity, in the message and in CHF as a whole. Headquartered in Toronto CHF Investor Relations | Capital Markets bridges new enduring relationships across local and global financial markets.